offline bokneehog Colossus Open Casket
Saturday 10/05/2014, 20:57

I thought it would be interesting to start a thread on some different combinations that people find effective in ELO. It can be a pair, a trio, a half deck or a pair of clans, etc. I'll start: I'm a Piranas player and I find Ector/Calliope very effective. Overpill on Ector in round 1, then scare the enemy into overpilling on round 2 in case I use fury on Calliope, but the enemy's damage gets reduced and I can then win easily.

offline 412rayray Titan D-Versified
Saturday 17/05/2014, 21:48

I love the Freaks combo of Daqun/Madelone. U can easily get ur opp to over-pill on turn 1 or sneak turn 1 poison thru on the cheap. Either way u still get the dmg u need to make the poison ability count, w/o hurting urself to badly.

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