offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 16/05/2014, 11:23

In the midst of all the commotion in Clint City, four mysterious characters have emerged from the crumbling ruins caused by the recent public works.

Armed with technology never-before-seen in Clint City, they will undoubtedly bring tumbling down upon the town a whole new kind of theory-resistant chaos.

Make way for the Riots’ Kenjy, Molder, Pr Hartnell and Octana, the advance party of the city of the depths, Riotspolis!

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offline joseph_27 Imperator DL's Knights
Saturday 17/05/2014, 19:35

If it is +2 pillz, they would be the most OP clan. defeat or Victory +1 is a really safe one and UR considered all the possibilities not to f**ked the clan.

And besides, they are only 4, there's many more to come.

offline PLAY-FAST-BOO Veteran Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 17/05/2014, 21:57

Personally i dont like this bonus. Maybe the could change to victory/defeat +2pillz min 6

offline troll4663 Master  
Saturday 17/05/2014, 21:59

Nah. They aren't even affected by SOB really. Sure they have 4 cards, but they will have more soon. Vortex being better? Nah. These things gain pills, even when bluffing. Vortex have to lose, only to recover a **fraction** of pills. If you use Kenjy as a bluff, you will be a wall with +1 pill either way. Or just a wall, even against SOB.

offline (Tiny-Glitch) Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 17/05/2014, 22:18

I dont think win: +2 pillz is op, its still inferior to any attack manipulation clan

offline Lady Merlina Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 17/05/2014, 22:31

Well said, Tiny Glitch, a conditional (win/lose) +2 pills with a set limit (max 8, not 6 as playfast suggested), would be far better. In fact, that's the only choice if u don't wanna create an OP ability clan...

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Saturday 17/05/2014, 23:52

Have you guys complaining about the bonus played against these guys yet? Because I'm rather surprised how that clowny looking bonus can mess you up very, very easily. That bonus is, if they go mono, quite like having Morphun (slightly weaker since morphun can give you 4 extra pills I think, and they can only give you 3, and can be SoB'd).

However, what the bonus translates to is that it's going to be difficult to prevent them from getting 2 hits in in any match. The question is going to be whether those hits count. Depending on what basic cards they get (dr, protection power and damage, defeat) they can be really, really strong. Seeing how they allready got a usable 6 dmg 4* (which is actually pretty rare) I'm guessing they will be quite strong smiley

offline Tranquil_Suit Titan  
Sunday 18/05/2014, 00:12

Morphun gives you 3 pillz max

offline Numba 10 Master WESTERN WORLD
Sunday 18/05/2014, 00:37

I hope they become solid like La Junta

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Sunday 18/05/2014, 00:37

Well, then basicaly the same as Morhun except if they get SoB'd. And Morphun is used to get a large number of consecutive wins in a format where you start games with only 8 pills. So whatever the bonus looks like, it's highly unlikely that it's in fact weak. Ok, Morphun does let you get tose pills along with characters who have good attack manipulation and all that, but that's kind of besides the point, really.

offline TNT_Demo Titan TRiNiTY
Sunday 18/05/2014, 00:37

I see too many complaints for a balanced clan bonus that doesn't break the game in anyway but is also worth having.

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