offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Wednesday 21/05/2014, 15:05

In recent years we’ve simplified the character leveling-up process.
However, in order to make it more interesting, we’ve decided to
introduce a few new changes.

From now on, the XP gauge will only appear after level 20.
The XP increase in this gauge will be limited to 5% of the XP accumulated by fully developed characters.
XP increase for all characters will be significantly reduced
irrespective of their level. In exchange, you will be able to use Clintz
to buy XP.

Why have we made these changes?

Firstly, we think that character leveling-up is one of the most interesting aspects of the game.
However, over the years we had simplified it to such an extent that leveling-up was no longer of any real interest.
This simplification had also had repercussions on the Market, leading to a drop in card values (particularly 5 star cards).
preventing you from accessing the XP gauge too quickly and by making it
harder to fill, we are hoping to reignite your interest in leveling-up
your characters.

We very much hope this boost to XP wins has the desired effect.

offline SilverNebula Guru Blazing Heaven
Friday 20/06/2014, 22:15

Absolutely unnecessary move. Let's face it, leveling up card was never fun or "interesting", it's just a nice touch to see the artwork in any stage of a card, but besides of that, not fully developed cards are pointless, nothing competitive could be done with them. This is nothing more like a brainwashing excuse to take more money from players.

offline RiceFlick Titan  
Saturday 28/06/2014, 07:16

1.) You've made it more difficult to level up cards.
2.) You can pay clintz to level the cards up? smiley
3.) Oh? You can purchase clintz with credits?
4.) Ah! I can purchase credits from the shop with REAL MONEY! smiley

Why dance around the fact that you're just desperate to line your pockets? Instead of saying that you are trying to ~enhance~ the most "interesting" part of the game (something that nobody is buying), let's call a scam a scam. I'd respect you a lot more, UR.

I will not be purchasing credits as long as this change is in place.

offline iGreggy Colossus  
Saturday 28/06/2014, 10:35

Dunno bout you guys, but my xp bar is getting more XP than before, I think they may have added more XP to satisfy players,

offline jerromy Hero Legends of the Dark
Saturday 28/06/2014, 11:10

I kninda dont think a player should wait till lvl 20 to get the bar should be lvl 10. thast when it realy needs it to start.
but the rest im fine with realy. no porblumes at all with it i had to lvl all mine up before leaders an the bar that was a simpler time

offline DUC B0SSie Colossus Dutch Urban Crew
Thursday 14/08/2014, 21:06

It's almost getting funny but it's already pathetic for sure!

And still / again UR staff just let's us be frustrated and doesn't dare to explain or to discuss at all. They just wait untill the storm is silent and us silly players are back to their game.

Congrats UR staff it worked again for you and you can have a meeting to find some some nosense renewal! smiley

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