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Tuesday 27/05/2014, 22:07

I just started a guild for new and casual players, and I believe UR actually has a nice future in front of it, or at least potential for it, and I've been around for a while. So I don't say this lightly or rashly, but:

Unless they remove the XP changes right away, this game is dead as a dodo. UR was, once upon a time, not so much a game but a moneymaking scheeme with unprecedented sucess based on the fact that it offered a non-fantasy experience for people who weren't into gaming or fantasy and mercilessly mooched off all sorts of pop culture. As a game, and as a project it wasn't often very well balanced and quite often the economic side and tratment of customers has been criminal. Allow me to explain:

- Lacklustre rewards for missions untill the ld/legendary scheeme
- No real way to play it without spending money on it
- Symbolic possible clintz gain
- Symbolic possible XP gain
and so on and so forth

Still, over time a lot of stuff improved and made the game more acessible. Around the time ld's and new bloods appeared it moved from "obvious scam" to "playable game". A huge, huge, huge part of this was the XP bar which allowed people to play their cards immediately and spend more time playing instead of doing meaningless tasks.

Now that's gone. Listen, whoever is developiing this, listen carefuly: the XP bar made the game PLAYABLE. Max level cards aren't overflowing the market because there's no demand for maxed out cards - they are overflowing the market....

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Tuesday 27/05/2014, 22:14

...because they are unplayable in any meta. You are and were cranking them out for too long without having introduced ways to balance out the existing mechanics. You didn't pull stuff that was senselesly designed out of circulation and the metagame for too long. You will not make the game more playable by making people spend more time out of competitive formats doing meaningless stuff, because it just means that it will take them a long and boring journey to discover that the competitive formats are rife with stuff you couldn't make alternatives for for years.

A couple of clintz and a handful of XP points is and has always been way too little for one game. If leveling up cards becomes difficult the market will just overflow with useless unleveled cards, and people are going to buy leveled ones who a bunch of freaks with too much time on their hands will level all day long. There's all kinds of weirdo's out there. But as it stands, you might've completely killed the game outright, as spending clintz to level up cards, while making money is as difficult as it is, just increased the price of boosters. That's it.

Please, either come out with the true, sensible, objecitve reasons - even if they're completely amoral and bussiness minded - for this s**t, or tell us it's a bug and fix it, or don't tell us anything but find any other way to achieve whatever this was supposed to achieve. Otherwise this game will die and then you'll be getting NO money out of it.

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Tuesday 27/05/2014, 22:21

Just to be clear here - I'm one of the "has money, has everything" guys, with the collection and the status most newbies talk about as being a pipe dream. If I start spending clintz on leveling cards up it will all go away. I don't have that kind of money. Noone does. And I'm very, very deffinitely not going to spend a dime of real money on clintz, because that has always been foolish and a horrible deal compared to just buying a newblood booster.

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Tuesday 27/05/2014, 22:31

^ And I'm not gonna buy many of those if I have to spend more then 1 second leveling stuff I payed for up. Heck, for practical reasons. Do you have any idea what leveling up a titanium pack manual would be like? Because I have enough creds to buy one, but I want to be playing UR with the cards I buy immedialtely, not next month.

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Tuesday 27/05/2014, 22:52

Also, the reason I'm not going to spend any clintz on leveling stuff up is because there's new cards coming out every two weeks which have ludicrous prices. You never have enough money in UR. If I landed one of the big 5 and sold it for a bunch of millions and stopped minding my money, I'd run out rather soon. And leveling cards up manually is out of the question - every time I got my hands on a large quantity of unleveled cards over 3* - I sold them that way at the lowest market price because even with getting 500 XP per win it would still take forever to level them up. And no, lost warehouse can go f**k itself. Before the XP bar came along I spent more time in there than actually playing the game, I was actually surprised when that load was taken of my shoulders because... I discovered the actual game then.

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Tuesday 27/05/2014, 23:05

Man, if only there was some way to drop the mic and walk away over the internet. That was impressive.

offline -Mordecai Master  
Tuesday 27/05/2014, 23:56

You mean "that* was some way"?

offline -Mordecai Master  
Tuesday 27/05/2014, 23:57

Sorry, didn't read the comment carefully...

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Wednesday 28/05/2014


offline Daxose Titan URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 28/05/2014, 00:41

I never saw this as a problem. Players played the game prior to all of these changes were made. Ultimately, it was probably made for the better. I see a lot of veteran players walking out but a lot of new players walking in. It's the nature of the game.

Personally, I think the XP change promotes players actually playing in Lost Warehouse and actually playing to rank up their guys. A lot of people use Lost Warehouse as a place to complete missions and to gain quick XP to level up. If you really want to level up your guys throw Vansaar into your deck and level up 3 guys at a time fast rather than 4 guys at a time at a moderate pace.

Originally, I thought this may have been a problem, but recently leveled up 2 0xp 5* cards to help me with LD missions and it took the same amount of time (with Vansaar in my deck to help).

Plus, why are people really leveling up their 0xp cards when they get them? If it's a duplicate card you should sell the 0xp card and if it's not a duplicate you should be happy you have a new card and not care how long it takes to level them up. So what's the true reason people want to level up their guys faster.....?

This change is to stop the "rich" players from buying 0xp cards, leveling them up in seconds, and then selling them off just to gain the XP and gain levels.

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