Friday 30/05/2014, 11:05

The Riots’ advance party flattened their first adversaries, but the battle for the peace and quiet of Riotspolis is not over. To support the efforts of the advance party, the council is now sending in the second wave.

Wipe out your opponents with Dr Copernica, Boomstock, Reeplay and De Couture! Enemies of the city of the depths, BE VERY SCARED!

Get these characters in the shop's packs.

5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

Thursday 12/06/2014, 19:01

When are cards released is it 11pm uk time tonight?

Thursday 12/06/2014, 19:32

No. Huracan was 4-4-2-2-2. There might have been more twos, but besides the point.
I think it's closer to 11am tomorrow uk time.

Thursday 12/06/2014, 21:38

11am pastry uk time smiley

Thursday 12/06/2014, 22:01

Usually ~10am Friday

Friday 13/06/2014, 01:12

Thanks everyone smiley


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