offline freeziepop84 Imperator Our last breath
Sunday 08/06/2014, 18:13

Just seeing if its just me. I have been loosing and unusually amount if them. The odd thing is I only lose by 1-2 points or the lowest amount of pillz they can use. Have tried changing up the cards I use or oder and amount of pills I use and same results. Like deathmatch and survivor, face alot of the same people and certain people NEVER lose going second in the round. I can go all in on a 2 damage card as example and they still win ..... Anyone know of any hacks out now that can do that? If so what can be done to stop it?

offline Not_Sure Veteran  
Thursday 11/09/2014, 10:11

Everyone loses at the beginning. It's a tactic by the makers to get you to buy credits for cash. I was losing just as much.

Figured if I was gonna waste hundreds of hours on this game then a few quid wasn't gonna make any difference to my life (though the hundreds of hours definitely will), so I forked out about £5 in real money. Now have about 30 new cards and am winning about 60% of my matches. Small investment, big difference. (Don't plan on spending any more real money btw, but figured the makers deserve some financial reward. And at least they are not complete ripoff merchants like Super$ell and BungHole.)

offline Fierce Ambre Titan  
Wednesday 17/12/2014, 17:51

Use +1 attack per pillz left cards on your first round for eg duke, dr copernica etc this should help you out or use shaan with 9 pills in a mono bangers deck an almost guaranteed win in the first round....

offline Sitzkrieg Titan URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 18/12/2014, 14:26


Yes, use your OP Shann while you still can.

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