offline karim7 Veteran Conseils & Astuces
Saturday 14/06/2014, 13:34

I am going to buy a Titanium pack (If UR decides to give me my credits after installing apps) and I was wondering what are the top 4 clans in which I can get a bigger benefit. I was thinking Pussycats, Nightmare, Uppers and Skeelz, but that might suck real hard. Any ideas? Cheers

offline - Pillman Colossus Open Casket
Saturday 14/06/2014, 13:51


offline DA_Banana Veteran TRiNiTY
Saturday 14/06/2014, 14:13

Dont buy a titanium pack
just don't
either mega newblood or elite with berzerk pussycats ulu watu and uppers

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Saturday 14/06/2014, 14:22

Assuming all rares have the same 'chance' of being recieved

1. Huracan- 50% chance of decent rare
2. Riots- All rares expensive
3. Gheist- Heaps of good rares + good uncommons
4. Your personal choice

offline DUC-San Titan  
Saturday 14/06/2014, 14:56

Huracan Gheist Uppers Vortex/Ulu/Pussys

offline (Tiny-Glitch) Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 14/06/2014, 16:27

Titanium is bad,
buy elites junkz ghiest riots huracan

offline ---SiM-HoA--- Guru Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 14/06/2014, 18:34

I personally do Riots Pussycats Uppers Sakrohm (Uranus, Yayoi, Zatman, Dorian, Charlie, and then of course all the Riots)

offline WP-Vortex Senior  
Saturday 14/06/2014, 21:24

Pussycats uppers huracan junkz

offline Taxaviz Master  
Saturday 14/06/2014, 23:15

Riots,Sentinel,Huracan and Pussycats

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