Monday 23/06/2014, 02:25

Looking for a guild to join , look no more , join infinity . We are a group of kickass crazy people who think we are perfectly sanesmiley , don't ask me how I know . We want to help each other in the game and at the same time have some fun .
We don't care about you current scores we will help you improve , no matter what you level is . And you will have crazy fun here.

Founder :play_0
Co-founder :0 Jeremy

Allied with : Checkmate

Wednesday 16/07/2014, 02:50

Damn then we just lost a member , I will ask him to return founders hip to mr

Wednesday 16/07/2014, 14:49

Looking for active players on msg boards nowsmiley

Wednesday 16/07/2014, 14:56

We are growing fast. Join now when you still can join

Thursday 17/07/2014, 10:56

Please make a new recruitment thread, as Play_0 is not a member of this guild anymore smiley

Thursday 17/07/2014, 13:19

Thank you for opening this thread again , i was just gone on a visit smiley

Thursday 17/07/2014, 14:01

Im playing again , join now and get your chance to get crushed by mesmiley


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