offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 27/06/2014, 15:02

Since the arrival of the Riots in Clint City, strange fashions have hit the streets and all manner of smoking contraptions have taken to the roads. With the Clint City football season in full swing, you might have thought morale in the city would be running high and so it would, were it not for a hooligan on wheels who has taking it upon himself to create all sorts of chaos and commotion. Fortunately, the Sentinel clan are keeping a close eye on things.

Get your hands on the two new Riots characters revealing new technologies from the depths. Challenge Elmer, the raging Berzerk recruit, and confront the rule of Judge Scare, the Sentinel member without a please or thank you to his name.

Get these characters in the shop's packs

5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

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offline Whitedragon11 Eternal Limit Break
Friday 27/06/2014, 11:47

Another decent release today. Judge Scare is Sledg for the Sentinels. He may see play over Copper and Sammy in heavy SOA weeks. Elmer's ok, but will probably be overshadowed by the other Berzerk 2 stars. Grace can be a big pill manipulator, and with 7 power she can be good on her own. Farman is the star here, able to stop your opponent's bonus sometimes and decent stats he will be a good addition to the Riots.

To see their abilities and final arts, check out Outlawed Technology

offline GWNGeneralZod Imperator Great White North
Friday 27/06/2014, 11:58

Suggestion: List the names of the new Riots characters in the post, rather than just saying "the two new Riots characters".
That way players have a direct link to them on the home page, rather than digging through the Market or waiting for the advert banner to show up.

offline Spikey 13 Guru Comfort In Sound
Friday 27/06/2014, 14:02

@ GeneralZod There is a direct link to the cards without clicking on the character names or the advert on the home page... smiley
I reckon Judge Scare should see a permaban, Sentinel have at least as many options as Rescue in elo and if he's basically a clone of a permabanned Rescue, he should get the same treatment.

offline princekhlil12 Titan Past Present and Future
Friday 27/06/2014, 14:53

Another 7/6 in 4 star division

offline Steel X_HoA Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Friday 27/06/2014, 15:22

@ GWNGeneralZod: Yeah, because it's SO HARD to find them manually...

offline RChristopher Novice  
Friday 27/06/2014, 18:29

I REALLY don't like 7/6 4* cards that are being thrown at us in the recent time. It is changing the expectation of players about how powerful 4* should be. I think it has much more impact on the game than those 9 powered cards (because it is compensated with the low damage). Here we have 7 powered cards with 6 damage, plus abilities and bonuses smiley

offline Draggy101 Guru  
Friday 27/06/2014, 20:46

JUDGE DREDD!!!!!!smiley

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 28/06/2014, 00:02

Solid riots releases...i dont think i need to explain grace will be good for weeks when dr van wesel ld is banned,and has a friendly bonus to amplify her pill count to 4(6 with fury,and 7 with morphun/timber + fury and bonus,now that's pretty strong!)

Obviously weak to damage reducers,but doesnt hamper her,as she gets 2 pills back regardless...she's like a better smokey cr,i like her!

Farman is pretty damn excellent as well.Six damage on a 4 star is great,and she isnt limited to courage or reprisal,just confidence,giving you three chances to block.And could you imagine if the riots bonus was defeat bonus +1 pill? I'd say at that bonus the mind games would be less dimensional....good card,should be a rival to pr hartnell.

to be continued in post 2....

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 28/06/2014, 00:15

Continued from post 1

I wont really get into detail about elmer.I mean,everyone seems to imply this is a pretty terrible card,i'd happen to disagree with that.I mean yeah,his damage is 1,but berzerk bonus makes it three,so you're looking at a low pilling card that gets pills back if it doesnt win.Will it see use in a normal deck? Not likely. But hes got solid power,and his bonus saves him,so hes not particularly heading to the scrap heap.

And we have judge scare,the sledg of the sentinels...what does that mean?It means UR might have to take yet another whack at unbanning sledg from elo or banning this card quickly.The former seems a lot more likely than the latter.Those 7/7 stats are just too good to pass up,and hes crushes SOB mightily.

This ensures Sentinels stick around in elo whether its raining or shining or there's a tornado or a seismic quake.Why?

With the sentinels,free rein of elo has been given to them.They have good star depth from 2-5,can be played in a mono-clan,they have palmer to defeat SOA,and judge scare to defeat SOB.Now that's one hell of a duo to try and stop.I dont think i recall ever seeing a clan that had two 5 stars that are so interchangeable with the meta at the same time in elo,and this is going to be all for the low,low price of 2-3k altogether.A bargain bin deal like that will see supply spike up for both,or it might just piss enough people off to keep sentinels down for a long,long time. And i havent even gone into the card being a T2 beast.

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