offline ShadowHawk Hero  
Wednesday 16/01/2008, 06:46

I WILL BUY Shakra , SkrumxxT , Estalt , Hikiyousan , Oyoh , Kinjo , COPPER , Havok , Don , VLADMIR , Morphun ,Bridget AND OTHER HIGH POWER CARDS TOO. OTHER CARDS ALSO WANTED . PM PLIZ

offline goldengecko Novice  
Thursday 17/01/2008, 00:03

Ill sell Ashigaru an 8/6 Leader with strike back

offline iiiaaannn Titan  
Thursday 17/01/2008, 01:16

I have SkrumxxT Kinjo Copper Vladimir Don

offline ViolentSkies Titan  
Thursday 17/01/2008, 03:15

I have SkrumxxT Estalt Oyoh Kinjo Don and vladmir, yep yep and many other high powered cards

offline Sojinkid Senior Titans of The West!!!
Thursday 17/01/2008, 05:17

Hey 0-pulgas-0 I will give you 850 clinz for copper....smiley

Send back reason...

offline Silver982 Veteran  
Thursday 17/01/2008, 08:00

I have SkrumxxT

offline Neo_ExXxilE Hero  
Thursday 17/01/2008, 23:40

I have vladamir and Bridget
pm me for what you will give me

offline LiNkOn_WMD Titan  
Friday 18/01/2008, 09:12

I HAVE Hikiyousan PM ME

offline Zeus-l Senior  
Monday 21/01/2008, 23:52

Im willing to sell 3 cards alec for 1200 Alexei 1000 and copper 3000.... deal? or all for Ashigaru and 1000clintz

offline Roganiks Guru  
Tuesday 22/01/2008, 10:29

I can sell you Gaia, Lulabee and Hikiyousan. PM me for prices.

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