offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 04/07/2014, 16:30

EDITED : Here is the list of additions to the list of characters who will be penalized in the DTs, Cards already on the list will stay on the list:

-10 pts






Emeth Cr











-5 pts :


This is a provisional list of changes and may still be subject to amendment from now until Friday July 4th.

This list is based on the DTs +150 points mode of the meta game. In order to make our selection, we consulted hot topics of discussion relating to the DTs as well as data on the cards belonging to the top 50 most played cards in T1 and T2.

Every card in the list has been chosen because it gave players a crucial advantage too early on in the game and in the tournament as a whole.

edited by Espectroscuro friday 04/07/2014, 16:30

offline InterMilan FC Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 02/07/2014, 10:10

Finally.Thanks URsmiley

offline Dobbs Ld Hero Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 02/07/2014, 10:13

Why on earth would you have such a harsh penalty for a 2*? No matter how good she is, she can't cause any real damage

offline hotmanias Guru Piratas do Atlântico Júnior
Wednesday 02/07/2014, 10:27

Lol really? u ban riven and u dont ban general cr? that's really a wtf dudes. riven needs 4 la junta do give a 1tk. general cr doesnt. He has soa and can have amber to deal his final blow more effectively... that's just wtf

offline Laxiden Titan Gamerz Sanctuary
Wednesday 02/07/2014, 10:29

Why must mechakolos? how about kolos?

offline M3GA BOSS Hero Penumbra
Wednesday 02/07/2014, 10:38


offline Infamisers Guru  
Wednesday 02/07/2014, 10:44

How did Lehane deserve -10 points? smiley
Maybe just put -10 on every sob with attack manipulation?

offline Coca_PT Novice MyGame
Wednesday 02/07/2014, 10:52

Why dont you simply make a DT (Type Elo) and let everyone else spam on Sentinels or La Junta in DT?

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 02/07/2014, 11:03

Huh. Again only -10 cards?

available Steelie_MOB Titan Masters of Battle
Wednesday 02/07/2014, 11:03

I like the sentinel penaltys. that should make DT"s more interesting. That is until the next strongest deck is found. smiley

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