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Changes to penalties in DTs

Changes to penalties in DTs
Wednesday 02/07, 10:06
Espectroscuro - Admin English

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Changes to penalties in DTs
Espectroscuro - Admin English - Friday 04/07, 16:30

EDITED : Here is the list of additions to the list of characters who will be penalized in the DTs, Cards already on the list will stay on the list:

-10 pts




La Junta:


Emeth Cr











-5 pts :


This is a provisional list of changes and may still be subject to amendment from now until Friday July 4th.

This list is based on the DTs +150 points mode of the meta game. In order to make our selection, we consulted hot topics of discussion relating to the DTs as well as data on the cards belonging to the top 50 most played cards in T1 and T2.

Every card in the list has been chosen because it gave players a crucial advantage too early on in the game and in the tournament as a whole.

edited by Espectroscuro Friday 04/07, 16:30
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412rayray - Imperator - D-Versified English
Thursday 17/07, 15:44

Why isn't UR using all 3 levels of banned cards? I just don't understand if they have the option to penalize some power house cards why not use it? I liked this last batch of bans and agree with a -5 for Lehane but let's see some more cards on the lower penalized slots (Graven or Gil or even Rowdy for example)
joseph_27 - Imperator - DL's Knights English
Saturday 19/07, 14:27

How about Huracans ???!!!! Noctezuma Kinichaw and Derby Queen (for t1)
Pingerz - Hero English
Saturday 19/07, 14:59

Really Joseph? Derby Queen?
Thoazol - Legend - Wise Men Distracted English
Saturday 19/07, 15:53

Good power, good damage potential, low stars for a lot of points. She's definitely a candidate for a lower penalty.
CB Titan - Titan - Clintz Bank English
Saturday 19/07, 20:58

Copper Cr shouldn't be banned. he was so weak to GHEIST. i understand about Hawk.
Jamox360 - Titan - Open Casket English
Sunday 20/07, 00:46

You obviously didn't play DT much, as Copper ran over every deck apart from GHEIST. Just due to a weakness to one clan doesn't mean it shouldn't be banned
Bagadur - Titan - The Trend
Monday 21/07, 14:58

Next should be -5 for Avola.

Too many desk with Avola, Mona, Oscar, Spiaghi, Waller.
joseph_27 - Imperator - DL's Knights English
Monday 21/07, 16:24

@pingerz. you underestimate the power of a 2* cards. She can make a damage of 2-7 with unsuspected players. She has a good attack manipulation. She can fit in Noctezuma or Kinichaw or any heavy hitters.

Also, may I add Bonnie Ld for the candidates
Six Nations - Hero - Open Casket English
Monday 21/07, 19:10

Can we just ban the whole Sentinel clan from DT please?
TheDoomBug - Legend - Limit Break English
Tuesday 22/07, 09:25

@Six Nations
Don't worry about Sentinel for now, their Ld was just re-released. Ld's almost always cause such surges in play.

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