Friday 11/07/2014, 11:10

A new menace hangs over Clint City: citizens are disappearing…and not coming back. Suspicions weigh heavily upon certain groups, but how can the truth be outed?

Help Mercury, the Pussycats’ renowned photographer, unravel the mystery: are the Riots using Lindsey's snail machines to kidnap them? Could the Vortex Empire be making off with citizens to construct super soldiers in the image of Karnor Ved? Or is it that the Root's strange witch, Nova, has somehow or other bewitched these innocent victims?

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Friday 11/07/2014, 11:29

A decent release today. Nova is basically eh. While a heavy hitter, her power is low and she can only block damage half the time. Stick to other 5 star Roots. Karnor Ved and Mercury are decent. Though they are not powerhouses, Karnor Ved can get in some better damage (half the time) and Mercury has pill manip. Karnor Ved will probably be replaced with other 2 stars and Mercury can be used when Diana is banned. The star here is Lindsey. With revenge, she can drag her opponent down and take on your opponent's tanks.

To see their abilities and final arts, check out Disappeared Without Trace

Friday 11/07/2014, 12:04

Still no patriot hmmmm???

2 More weeks it is

Friday 11/07/2014, 13:09

^ Patriot?

Now we NEED a Captain America card!

Friday 11/07/2014, 14:01

Patriarch haha

Friday 11/07/2014, 14:53

Still there is no Frozn.. Hum... We got a thor.. Now i wanna a winter soldier!!

Friday 11/07/2014, 15:27

Patriarch, Riots Leader

Friday 11/07/2014, 15:53

It sounds like a cr is coming to clint city to up our collection values...

Friday 11/07/2014, 15:55

I feel a little bit uneasy with today release.
Do the staff have a discussion before releasing a card?
a 6 powered 5 star with no manipulation for example.
there is a lot of card right now who player doesn,t want to use them
they technically Vanish from the game.
(pun intended)

Friday 11/07/2014, 18:09

The only card that stood out is Mercury. She's a good substitute when Diana is banned.


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