offline MetallicHell25 Hero  
Friday 08/08/2014, 23:09

Hey guys! Lately I've been doing a lot of the T2 DT's and with my mono-Sentinel deck I pretty much always finish in at least the top 50, but I'm getting kind of bored with it I guess and I want to try out an All-Stars tourney deck and see what happens. I just need a little help with it (my goal is to have about 28*). This is what I've been thinking:

- Crazy Carlo
- Hendz or Sigurd (I don't know which one would be better. Obviously I'd LOVE to use Lamar Cr but I can't afford him. smiley )
- Heartnett
- Sriker
- Saki
- Robb Cr
- Stacey
- Augustino

But I'm not entirely sure and I could use a little help. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 08/08/2014, 23:58

Hendz and Sigurd are almost equally good. Whichever you like better or works for you should be your pick.

But, I would only run only one of the 5*s for the sake of better points, Quinn in the place of one of them and Randy over one of the 2*s in an effort to maximize 2hko's and faster games. In that case you'd be better with Hendz or Sigurd so Robb Cr isn't left to rely on the 2* or fury.

Or if you're feeling adventurous, keep Crazy Carlo, run Harrow Ld and Asporov for added 7 damage potential as needed and Lance to round out the KO damage with them.

offline {Titan} Senior URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 09/08/2014, 00:07

Marina is a very powerful card. i have never played as all stars in tourney but have played against them and she is annoying. randy and quinn. for some reason i often see spud as well but he doesn't have enough damage for the 4* place(s) imo

offline MetallicHell25 Hero  
Saturday 09/08/2014, 00:53

Thanks for the advice guys. =) I don't think I'll use Marina just because I like Striker and Heartnett better for the 4* slot but I might try her out and'll be good to experiment and see what matches my playstyle best. =)

And that's a good idea to use Quinn and Randy...I didn't even think about Randy lol. smiley

I think I'll try this out:
- Hendz
- Striker
- Heartnett
- Quinn
- Randy
- Saki
- Robb Cr
- Stacey/Augustino (probably Stacey though)

I'll buy the cards sometime this weekend probably and see how I do in the tournament. It seems like it'll be a good deck. =D

offline {Titan} Senior URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 09/08/2014, 18:49

Striker is a must if u can afford him

offline MetallicHell25 Hero  
Saturday 09/08/2014, 22:37

Oh my gosh I know...he's really good...Alexei is okay too but that one extra damage is worth the allows you to 2HKO with Quinn, Heartnett, or even a furious Robb Cr or Saki. =D

offline MetallicHell25 Hero  
Sunday 10/08/2014, 21:05

Thanks for all the help, everyone! =D I tried out the All-Stars deck in the most recent DT today and I finished in the top 50...which is good for me...especially considering that there were almost 700 people in the tourney. The deck was great and I think this is gonna be my new tourney deck. smiley It's really fun to play with too...All-Stars are an interesting clan and I LOVE their bonus. smiley

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