offline hdubc Senior  
Tuesday 12/08/2014, 05:03

Trying to make a competitive half deck with these two clans. Right now I'm using Marlysa Cr, zhu tang, Shifou, and Fei. Lucy, Charlie, nabrissa, and Diana. Any help would be much appreciated!

offline bokneehog Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 12/08/2014, 05:07

I can't think of any big changes to that deck, it looks really good!
I prefer Heitachi over Fei but that's up to you.
On a week when Kerozinn Cr is unbanned, go Fei to Kerozinn Cr and Charlie to Mercury

offline M3GA BOSS Hero Penumbra
Tuesday 12/08/2014, 07:27


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