offline Force ofNature Colossus DL's Knights
Saturday 16/08/2014, 19:00

I recently won Guru Cr in the token lottery and I made this deck
any thoughts or suggestions for changes?

offline CHR0 Titan  
Sunday 17/08/2014, 21:32

Like they have said in the comments, Zatman is important when using Uppers. smiley

offline Force ofNature Colossus DL's Knights
Thursday 21/08/2014, 04:24
I'm trying this now, any changes?

offline Faint Man Imperator Face Everything And Rejoice
Monday 25/08/2014, 12:09

Zatman is not important base on my experiences. smiley

offline -Harkonnen- Senior The Debauchery Tea Party
Thursday 28/08/2014, 17:17

Magnar over Kazayan smiley

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 03/09/2014, 14:03

I would personally change Kazayan to Hefty for the SOB which can help.

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