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Friday 22/08/2014, 15:54

So, my blog has been gaining attention of the time i have been doing it. After a suggestion from someone, i have decided to have a guest writer on here.
Let me clear some things up.
1. You WILL get full credit.
2. You only have to write a deck review once a week for friday.
3. Send it to me by Thursday by the latest if you get the part. ( So i can add pictures before the post goes live on friday.)
4. You will have to write deck reviews.

How to apply:
1. Write a review on this deck
2. send it to me via pm with the title ' My blog Review.'

1. Pros and cons of the deck in the specific format (in this case, ELO)
2. A rating without any personal changes
3. A rating with your personal changes.
4. Make it informative.

Entries will close Sunday the 23rd at Midnight UK Time.
The winner will be announced Sunday the 23rd at 2:00- 4:00 Uk time

Good luck :3 Any questions you may have, feel free to ask here.
Once the winner has been chosen, i will put their UR account on the site and people can send their decks there.

offline Legendary_Jax Guru War Party
Friday 22/08/2014, 15:57

Use the Title 'My deck review' not blog.

offline Legendary_Jax Guru War Party
Saturday 23/08/2014, 00:29


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