offline Rd Soulz Imperator  
Monday 25/08/2014, 21:05

Is this a trend in ELO, to just play mono-Nightmare, or there isn't anything else worth playing? rofl

offline Soiuku Imperator  
Tuesday 26/08/2014, 21:49

SOB Clans will always be popular.
They level the playing field by taking away the advantages of clans like Rescue , Huaracan , Roots and other clans with nasty bonuses.

offline Thoazol Operator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 26/08/2014, 21:57

Also Oshitsune isn't banned as opposed to lot of other stable 4* cards.

offline Soiuku Imperator  
Tuesday 26/08/2014, 22:16

True about Oshitsune , but Nightmare as opposed to Piranha is also that Piranha are not as easy to Half Deck.
Nightmare on the other hand are pretty easy to half deck with.

offline Rd Soulz Imperator  
Tuesday 26/08/2014, 23:07

Hmm, I thought it was some kind of counter-meta to the new bonuses of Huracan and Riots, but I guess it's kinda normal then

offline Soiuku Imperator  
Tuesday 26/08/2014, 23:55

Riots ???
Nooooo, Riots aren't anywhere near threat level.
They've got a Solid 3 Star in the form of Weasel face and they have a good 5* but they're about average.
Huracan is not as strong as they used to be.
Nightmare / SOB make it easier to deal with lots of clan Bonus'es and such. Also easy to half deck with unlike the mainly mono Piranas

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