Friday 29/08/2014, 11:13

After having tracked down the latest sample of Xantio-serum 2.0 stolen by the Rescue, Jaxx Ld has got it into his head to create an easily distributable version in the shape of a candy. His aim is to contaminate the entire population of Clint City and bring the city to its knee, which is just the sort of plan the GHEIST approve of.

Jaxx Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before November 2nd at 11.59pm.

Friday 29/08/2014, 22:41

Magnetoise: There's a rotation. Check the wiki:

Friday 29/08/2014, 23:10

There is a cycle. Dudley Ld will be back and so will tipi cr when it is their point in the cycle

Saturday 30/08/2014, 04:07

I think they change the rewards for mission 3. i got 300 clintz, instead of 15 tickets

Saturday 30/08/2014, 07:54

Didnt know about that thanks TheOPG

Saturday 30/08/2014, 07:55

@BURTUKALI sorry to say it to you but Tiwi Ld is first comeing back after 125 Day from today

@magnetoise Dudley Ld is comeing back october 10 smiley

Saturday 30/08/2014, 20:41

Unleash all the Stop cards!!!

Sunday 31/08/2014, 01:31

16 weeks for Tiwi? So I'll guess Futoshi and Andy are far too.. smiley Why am I so lazy smiley

Sunday 31/08/2014, 17:05

+1 Cb Maad smiley


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