Got 7th

Sunday 31/08/2014, 09:26

Best finish so far with Please comment

Monday 01/09/2014, 03:02

I'd swap Kamakura for Coby, and you might want to swap in Sammy for moar damage + attack.

Monday 01/09/2014, 13:59

Man if you can get 7th with a deck you feel comfortable with then you might just want to stick with the cards you have and aim higher with them. Change is risky.

Monday 01/09/2014, 15:03

It depends on how long he was playing with that deck. If he was just screwing around with deck combos and then magic happened, it wouldn't be a bad idea. If this was a deck that he was using for months and slowly rising in the ranks with, then I'd keep the thing for familiarity's sake.


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