[SELLING] over 250 doubles, YES 250

Friday 18/01/2008, 18:49

I have nearly 300 doubles, name the card and I will look it up to see if I have an extra, I more than two of many cards. Posting a list will just be inefficient so let me know which card you are looking for and I'll search my collection for it. Trades and sales welcome. If wanting to trade, I want ONLY Crs or Kolos. NO OTHER TRADE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED SO DO NOT POST THEM.

Saturday 26/01/2008, 09:12

Can I still get an Alec or Elvira for around 800 to 1000

Saturday 26/01/2008, 14:14

Do you have an extra kenny or lelena

Saturday 26/01/2008, 18:28

Ok. i give 2000 clintz for Hammer at full level.

Sunday 27/01/2008, 23:46

Mods please close this thread, I don't have virtually any doubles left


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