offline Gectou4 Legend  
Friday 17/02/2017, 11:24

Hello smiley

I'll try to keep you in touch with the current critical bug in this first post.

You can reports new bugs here, please put the most possible informations as you can to help us to quickly identify and fix them.

It's not a support topic, for it you can contact us here :

BUG LIST : 5 / September / 2015
- Nothing critical

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offline Cthulhu_MOB Operator Masters of Battle
Sunday 10/06, 08:57

Contact customer support and include as much info as you can. If you were using the app, Steam, ect. Google Play number, confirmation email screenshot

offline windir Colossus Open Casket
Monday 11/06, 05:42

Dear staff, I hope you sometimes listen to this topic, even if it seems not.
I have a collection of bugs/UX/UI issues I would like to share before I take a longer brake from the game.

1 login
Every time I try to login the webpage, I mean clicking on login brings up the register window. I don't want to register. I managed to fill up hundred times the register form accidentally. Please fix this.

2 my collection pro
I could have used a 'load current deck' button at the header. And also maintaining old decks is a pain.
My deck list is a mess because it contains hundreds of unused decks from the last 10 years, most of them cannot be even used cos they are missing cards.
Then I have to scroll down this totally wreck list every freakin time to see my current deck!
I want to delete all the decks which has missing cards, is it part of the game to check them one by one?
The deck builder should save the id of the card name not the id of the specific card!

3 ingame problems
The icons of the ghost town missions are swapped, and also the clan icons of the dominion cards are messed up since their arrival.
There's memory leak in the steam game, running it for hours slowing the game and my computer a lot.
You should put more effort on the game working smoothly for everyone rather than the eye candy animations.

4. Survivor 3
It's cool but where will I use my Lysa Teria Cr (if I had one)?

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offline windir Colossus Open Casket
Sunday 10/06, 15:05

5 Cr chests
Please review the cr chests: I have a feeling that you forgot the price intervals in the state from before the inflation explosion.
Even if I'm not right 100% sliver-gold border could be reviewed.

6 transparency.
I don't think I can change your mind, but the drop rate system is shady and unethical.

Extra ideas:
Locking levels of cards for credit: for example paying 50 credit for an eternal Vicky cr 4*.
I would play the game as a board game.

I understand the game always has to change, I can see you work a lot. Still I have the gut feeling that you forgot your users and the usability of your product in the process.
I'm out now. see you later

offline Cthulhu_MOB Operator Masters of Battle
Monday 11/06, 06:11

Alright, so I understand you have some hang ups. Let's go over your complaints.

I assume they introduce the sign up feature first to induce new players to join easily. If you have an account then you click Login instead of Register.

Collection Pro:
Well done for having 10 years of pre-made decks. Quite the accomplishment. But yes, to avoid this problem again, delete them sooner.

In-game Icons:
Staff is aware of the bug and is working on a fix.

Many guilds hold all cards and have a good guild bank. Masters of Battle holds all 5 and I'm sure your guild can help if you ask.

Cr Chests:
Most new Cr's have found there place and old one's have kept their value. Additionally, Gold Cr cards have their place because of collector value or playability. You also have to take into account what cards may become Mythic. That's why cards like Jackie Cr and Vickie Cr among others have increased so much. It's all based on price in the end.

The drop rates aren't terrible. Sometimes you get extremely lucky and other times you get unlucky. It's the luck of the draw. But you're entitled to your opinion.

Extra Ideas:
Paying credits so your 4 star doesn't gain experience sounds like an awesome idea to be honest.
Board game is an interesting idea, but UR is focusing on the new updates with the recent beta along with comics, and the new clan. All public knowledge.
Additionally, if you ever have a good idea for UR, make a subject in Strategy and Tactics: General and get some players opinions.

I hope some of these answers have helped.smiley

offline Isolator GUB Mediator GUB PRO
Tuesday 19/06, 09:19

Login: I think what he means is that you have to click on "Login" twice. First when opening the page and second in this pop-up.
And this is a bit misleading as you already clicked LOGIN and the popup opens the REGISTER tab instead of the expected LOGIN.

Survivor: I think he doesn't need help to get certain cards. He wants to know where the best T1 cards like Lyse can be played since there is only Survivor T3 left. Lyse doesn't do enough damage for him to be a T2/T3 staple. And she is banned for T1/T2 tourneys. What to do with one of the best and most expensive cards? smiley

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offline Queeen Hero TRiNiTY
Monday 18/06, 19:04

Free fight is a thing... not competitive tho

offline Chef Mike Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 19/06, 01:49

Wild Holiday Ld just had me finish a fight on -1 pillz. good thing i'm awake or i wouldn't have caught it.
Please, please, please, fix the Goure Glitch already!

available Rowdy MOB Cr Operator Masters of Battle
Tuesday 19/06, 09:28

"Oh, i also forgot to mention that half of my game is in English and the other half is in Portuguese (Graham`s native Language).
PS: Please don't make it all in Portuguese without giving an option to put it in English"

Forgot to answer. In my case, sometimes it is in French and sometimes Italian.
Normally before fighting, depending on which version of the site you go to, it registers that in the App.

I was playing Tourney in English, then I was browsing the French Community in the middle of a battle and my next battle, the cards` abilities were in French. It went back to English in the third battle after I went back to the English Page. That was when I discovered that depending on the community you are checking, it registers that language for the game.

- If you want it to stay in English, when you log on to the UR Site, select the English Page and stay in it.
- If you want it in Portuguese, when you log on to the UR Site, select the Portuguese page.

@Chef Mike:
I hope staff fix the "Goure Glitch". I do make a mental note of the opponent`s Pillz when Goure or any other similar card is in play, but it is serious when it comes to KO in Arcade or high stakes events.

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offline LegendLD Imperator Masters of Battle
Tuesday 19/06, 13:28

It showed up that I forfeit in fight club when clearly I didn't. So I can forfeit without me knowing????

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