offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Tuesday 29/01/2008, 10:03

Spécial event , i m organizing a bran new man hunting . to win 50.000 Clintz you just need to beat me once. I will be hide in any type of room, and will prepared several decks. i will crusing from room to room and stay in one room only 5 minutes.
I won t be conected all the time but by exemple from 9 to 9h30, and then from 10 to 10h15 etc...
You will have to hunt me because i will erase all informations from my friend list and you will have no clue where i am.
No spécial rules your deck will just have to fit to the room i m fighting in . I won t let anyone win whitout fighthing to the end.
The only rule is to send the world "RAT" when you challenge me.
If you win ( dream about that ) send me a card for 50 000 clint i i will give it back for 50 clints.
The single try by player smiley

Good luck to all i will be unbeatable smiley

offline wingfighter9 Imperator  
Friday 08/02/2008, 00:47

Yesterday at 9:50 crushed SA-Mac Leod (12-0) - you received : 21 points and 7 clintz

offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 08/02/2008, 07:52

Here is the list posted by Mac on the french forum with the ones that found him yesterday smiley More than 1.5 mil ctz as prizes in one day smiley great tournament! GG Mac.

(gagne = win, perd = loss)

SAW_Bish_EVO gagne
Gent-Hiro perd
Fou-Drei gagne
Max_84 gagne
Hadassah perd
Necrojah perd
Rooney-Evo perd
Kuros57 gagne
7RG-sand gagne
LSE ArKgiL perd
Pt_Shining perd
Ggkogkal perd
ArrankarMiaou gagne
Gogalis perd
PT-cena- perd
0cr-Xarly-Evo perd
Tanto89 gagne
LSE-Jerounimo gagne
LSE_Mick gagne
Kobe-Bryan perd
COJ2Lucky perd
0-JP perd
ImDesigner gagne
1f - KV Raven gagne
PrdX_lbrox gagne
_Emes perd
AZ_AlvaroMr gagne
Fou-Blax gagne
Miaoumax gagne
PrdX_Talox perd
Larenz-YK gagne
1f-AlteoS gagne
Bartel COPS perd
SE-angel gagne
SA-Uron gagne
Geichacha perd
MG_cornetist perd
0cr-surf gagne
0A feu dead perd
Poseidon_EVO gagne
Ti Dragon gagne
EAthebest_EVO perd
Magikclown gagne
Lex987 gagne
Loki_eyes fou perd
_RU__Dada113 perd
Wii2394 perd
El barry perd
MG_willyfredo gagne

offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 08/02/2008, 07:53

Blue Ink perd
Honorius-EVO gagne
DA-ShamachEVO gagne
LSE christ29 perd
Agito_Akito gagne
DA-YYZ-evo gagne
OUC_MerMaiD gagne
Vennominaga gagne
Eye-daviuss perd
EA-Oranos gagne
CabalTherapy perd
Bboy you perd
Clownys perd
Az-gelucatil gagne

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