[EVENT] The 07/02/08 china new year eve : "the year of the rat"

Tuesday 29/01/2008, 10:03

Spécial event , i m organizing a bran new man hunting . to win 50.000 Clintz you just need to beat me once. I will be hide in any type of room, and will prepared several decks. i will crusing from room to room and stay in one room only 5 minutes.
I won t be conected all the time but by exemple from 9 to 9h30, and then from 10 to 10h15 etc...
You will have to hunt me because i will erase all informations from my friend list and you will have no clue where i am.
No spécial rules your deck will just have to fit to the room i m fighting in . I won t let anyone win whitout fighthing to the end.
The only rule is to send the world "RAT" when you challenge me.
If you win ( dream about that ) send me a card for 50 000 clint i i will give it back for 50 clints.
The single try by player :)

Good luck to all i will be unbeatable :)

Friday 08/02/2008, 00:47

Yesterday at 9:50 ..you crushed SA-Mac Leod (12-0) - you received : 21 points and 7 clintz

Friday 08/02/2008, 07:52

Here is the list posted by Mac on the french forum with the ones that found him yesterday :) More than 1.5 mil ctz as prizes in one day :) great tournament! GG Mac.

(gagne = win, perd = loss)

SAW_Bish_EVO gagne
Gent-Hiro perd
Fou-Drei gagne
Max_84 gagne
Hadassah perd
Necrojah perd
Rooney-Evo perd
Kuros57 gagne
7RG-sand gagne
LSE ArKgiL perd
Pt_Shining perd
Ggkogkal perd
ArrankarMiaou gagne
Gogalis perd
PT-cena- perd
0cr-Xarly-Evo perd
Tanto89 gagne
LSE-Jerounimo gagne
LSE_Mick gagne
Kobe-Bryan perd
COJ2Lucky perd
0-JP perd
ImDesigner gagne
1f - KV Raven gagne
PrdX_lbrox gagne
_Emes perd
AZ_AlvaroMr gagne
Fou-Blax gagne
Miaoumax gagne
PrdX_Talox perd
Larenz-YK gagne
1f-AlteoS gagne
Bartel COPS perd
SE-angel gagne
SA-Uron gagne
Geichacha perd
MG_cornetist perd
0cr-surf gagne
0A feu dead perd
Poseidon_EVO gagne
Ti Dragon gagne
EAthebest_EVO perd
Magikclown gagne
Lex987 gagne
Loki_eyes fou perd
_RU__Dada113 perd
Wii2394 perd
El barry perd
MG_willyfredo gagne

Friday 08/02/2008, 07:53

Blue Ink perd
Honorius-EVO gagne
DA-ShamachEVO gagne
LSE christ29 perd
Agito_Akito gagne
DA-YYZ-evo gagne
OUC_MerMaiD gagne
Vennominaga gagne
Eye-daviuss perd
EA-Oranos gagne
CabalTherapy perd
Bboy you perd
Clownys perd
Az-gelucatil gagne


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