offline Goth667- Hero  
Monday 23/10/2006, 19:14

Well i was thinking about how the matches would be if players dont see the cards of their opponents.

So why not make a room without "light" i think it would make the game harder in this room.
maybe u could always get 20% more xp there because your team fights in the dark.

What do u think about it?

offline weter Veteran Alpha Flight
Thursday 26/10/2006, 00:55

This idea be ery very great

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Thursday 26/10/2006, 14:25

Create such a room, see if its popular. If not close the room.
For all of those who dont like the dont have to play there.....some people like the element of surprise and adventure.....yeah got a bet carried away.....

offline Goth667- Hero  
Thursday 26/10/2006, 15:16

Well so far only one said he dosent like it.

atleast i can say that the team told me, they might make this come true

i hope so smiley

offline Henry9111 Senior  
Saturday 28/10/2006, 05:54

That would be awesome please make that urban rivals

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