offline critter269 Senior  
Thursday 31/01/2008, 05:08

I am organizing a tourney where the top 3 people get to pick their prizes out of a list of cards of my choosing i wont revile the list of cards yet. you have to be at least level 13 to join and no elo banned cards. i am accepting 16 people in people in the tournament so enter quick on and it is an elimanation battle so message me with the results of the battle to tell me who won.smiley

offline 3M Andrei 3x Senior Urban United
Saturday 05/04/2008, 12:12

Sorry......I didn't either

offline LightYagami666 Senior assassins
Sunday 06/04/2008, 07:59

How do you enter??? I dont get this stuff yet................
Is this all EOL tourneys?

offline torchic Novice  
Monday 07/04/2008, 09:19

Im in if free

offline CharlieCat Senior  
Friday 18/04/2008, 09:56

I'm insmiley

offline Myztyrio Veteran  
Friday 18/04/2008, 19:08

I'm in

offline CharlieCat Senior  
Monday 21/04/2008, 16:13

I'm in

offline DECLAN_JOE Novice  
Monday 21/04/2008, 20:19

Im in lvl 18 here

offline Bahamut WMD Veteran  
Tuesday 22/04/2008, 15:45

I'm in.

offline CharlieCat Senior  
Friday 25/04/2008, 14:56

I am in

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