offline Cthulhu_MOB Mediator Masters of Battle
Sunday 08/10, 05:10

Prizes Include:
5 Oda Helpah
6 Hydraereva
5 Ethane
6 Iris Morana
5 Cletus
4 Ahseya
5 Nereus
1 Fisty Cent

It is very simple. Count up starting from 1 and stop at 50. The person who gets to 50 gets to pick 1 prize, then it will start over. This will continue until all the prizes are won. You cannot double post.

There is a catch however....... You must only post the number in Roman Numerals I, II, III, IV,V, VI, VII,VIII, IX, X all the way to 50 or L each time.

If you disrupt the game by making wild guesses then you will be disqualified. If someone posts the same number as you the first of the 2 numbers counts and continue as usual. Ex: I guess 4 and the next post guessed 4 just go to 5.
Also you may only win 3 cards max.
You don't have to post anything but the number if you don't want to.

Good Luck



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