offline DarthDaivansh Operator Open Casket
Saturday 21/10/2017, 02:58

Hey guys. I have been shouting it in the Discord app for days but for those who don't know it is my Birthday today.smiley
So I am gonna do a lotto for u noobs.
The winner gets a Mortenzen and Cyb Yose.
Not much but I am a poor guys so cut me some slack.
U guys can chat here if u wanna.
*Happy Birthday to me...I am a Unicorn*

offline DarthDaivansh Operator Open Casket
Saturday 21/10/2017, 17:23

Thank you guys. Appreciate it.smiley

offline Slaughterous Guru Peenoise Republic
Saturday 21/10/2017, 18:54

Happy Birthday smiley

offline Tom_Xx Guru Great White North
Saturday 21/10/2017, 19:55

Happy bday daiv, I'll sing you a birthday song on the chat later smiley

offline DUC basdekker Colossus Dutch Urban Crew
Saturday 21/10/2017, 22:46

I hope you had a nice day!!

offline Capetsino Master E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 21/10/2017, 23:45

Happy birthday! Glad I didn't miss it!

offline UM-FlaWleSS Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 21/10/2017, 23:59

Happy Bday Frend!

offline DUCAmbresoler Colossus Dutch Urban Crew
Sunday 22/10/2017, 13:17

Better late then never, hope you had a wonderfull day

offline DarthDaivansh Operator Open Casket
Sunday 22/10/2017, 14:25

Thank you guys. Really really appreciate it.
Will do the lotto tomorrow.smiley

offline DarthDaivansh Operator Open Casket
Monday 23/10/2017, 07:03

And the winner is DUC basdekker.
Wow. What r the odds. smiley
Thank u all guys. I love u all.smiley

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