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Round 1 (lets meet and kick some feet)

Round 1 (lets meet and kick some feet)
Monday 04/02/2008, 11:30
Obey Giant - Titan English

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Round 1 (lets meet and kick some feet)
Obey Giant - Titan English - Monday 04/02/2008, 11:30

Group A Group E
Panzer Element Shadow Falcon
Live Desserts Phantom
Large Marge LOA Van Persie
Cel Mostarda OET pink Cobra
Daddy Strauss OUG-Rogryen

Group B Group F
Cheese Dre Dre
Vennominaga Rulzbreaker
Vaniter Buld
Wihzzahrd 0CR-Surf
Destroyer 34567 1F-KV Raven
DMOC Dark Assault
OUC-Johnnysay Chains

Group C Group G
OUC-Damgark Rogueknight
0-Pulgas 0-JP
Zeppelin WMD CBP_Fojtik
ODags 022081
ET_Dragon Cauliflower
0_Mat CBM-FJRamone
Electricity K1llase

Group D Group H
Oredator Jade
Abpose Raynos
11-Leonardo 0-FS
0_Gunvald_0 Oackley
What Else OET-Skimsa
SHh EB-Manefecofigo
El Falco Golden Gecko

Group I Group J
Asakuraz Reins
1 Pandaman 1 Child 999
Little TK WMD IM Designer
Bozzy LOD Newbmurderer
CBP-gogo Orlont
Momo BB93 Xaunt
Tanto 59 0let-Qjon

Group K
Logo mantos

tournament will commence once everyone send in their decks.PM me
obide by the rules of the game and everything will work out just fine
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DarkAssault - Imperator - TRiNiTY English
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 04:30

Group b, pm me
0 Gunvald 0 - Imperator English
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 05:01

I'll send my deck right away
grup d pm me
Obey Giant - Titan English
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 05:25

So sorry about the crappy post people i typed it out in word and then cut and paste...ill retype it later today once again i apologise and will make the groups more clear.
cBp_Fojtik - Legend - Czech Beer Power Česky
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 09:46

How is it with rules? I must fight all other people from the same group? And first one (or first two?) wil continue?
ZEPPELlN - Veteran English
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 11:37

GROUP C PM me when you're ready.
Obey Giant - Titan English
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 11:52

Can some moderator please delete this thread...i posted a proper one
Hobbitusz - Legend - Open Casket English
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 12:12

I am O_CaULIFLOWER, and I am group G, so PM me if you are ready.

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