offline Ares Imperator Gwardia
Tuesday 21/11/2017, 20:01

I will trade my Noctezuma Cr x8 full exp for Alec Mt any exp pm me if interested

offline Ares Imperator Gwardia
Wednesday 22/11/2017, 17:41

I saw private sale and you scared me xD wanted to pm but you blocked contact.
I was always scared of such investments because I wasn't sure what's gonna happen in market with certain card.
I guess if card is decent and it leaves NB it always raise in price...

offline Maana CRX Colossus lonely fighters
Wednesday 22/11/2017, 19:19

I've blocked pm because im afraid i'll sell lots for 50ctz when im drunk smiley

Yes card is decent, leaves nb, raise in price, but not every card can guarante "big win"...

Most important is you have to start buying before "all giants" start buying,
because they'll make card worth 20k, 30-40k in a week, so you make 10k less each card etc...

37 lot i show you, i started buying 1m ago, from 20k.... i had opportunity to sell for 50k each
8m profit in 1 month? kk ty sold, but i'll wait a little longer, why?

players i know invested big cash in this card, they will buy everything under 40k and later under 4X, 5X, or even more.

So if you notice this card under 35k, buy as much u can.

You can also ask your guildmates about "pre fulls" very easy way to make cash from 0, but it require detailed instruction, so its better they explain you.

Champions league time, bye smiley

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