Red paper clip for a house story...

Thursday 07/02/2008, 16:07

Well, I'm going to try to do what 0UC_Soulja did, so I'll trade a Globumm (C) lvl 2 for a Cheap card, Like Mac Hen (C), maxxed or not... plz

Friday 08/02/2008, 07:17

Now wat r u looking for ?

Friday 08/02/2008, 14:36

This thread wont have the same effect as soulja's thread did..... because you followed it.....oh well good luck

Friday 08/02/2008, 16:02

I have to agree with Falvern on this one... this won't be as successful as Drapht's. After all, most of the people who gave him cards did it because it was still a new idea then. Something fresh. However, if you keep recycling the idea, it eventually becomes annoying and 0UC-Souljah will look like a bad guy for starting it. No offense meant.

Friday 08/02/2008, 20:47

I have Lea now, any body trade for Fles Pimp, Billy Bob, or Fifty.

Wednesday 13/02/2008, 02:08

I'll trade you Fifty for Lea

PM me if you want it

Wednesday 13/02/2008, 14:14

I got Fifty if any body wants to trade for Vladimir, Onik, or Gibson?

Saturday 16/02/2008, 07:50


Saturday 16/02/2008, 08:42

Ill trade for Onik


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