offline cheese_14 Imperator  
Saturday 09/02/2008, 15:11

This event that im hosting is called "THE CHANCE EVENT"

first you must be thinking OMG HES A SCAMMER, the answe to that is NO, I've already run a tounrey and all the winners got their prizes and if i dont do what i say the admins/mods can ban me

there are 10 slots, to enter all you do is send me a card for 50 clintz and you're in, i will send you a number (if youre the first person i will give u the number 1, the 2ns a number 2) and so on from 1-10. The card can be as bad or good as you like, once i get 10 people i shall put in the numbers into this random number generator:


from 1-10 and it will pick a number, the number that is picked will be the person who wins, when you win you get 9 cards out of 10 (i shall keep 1 for organising the even BUT if u think me keeping 1 card is unfair i shall give all 10 to the winner)

Post here if you've entered and what card you're entering, any questions you can post here or PM me, take a chance, you might win big!

offline geofree789 Imperator  
Monday 11/02/2008, 21:17

I will pick fifty, erpeto, kati, eve, marina, phonos, gina glitt, and dean
thank you

offline cheese_14 Imperator  
Tuesday 12/02/2008, 09:21

Your wish is my command, all those cards are on private sale to you, the rest are on pri9vate sale to skev smiley

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