offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Sunday 10/02/2008, 02:54

The Auctions Starts at 10K, auction ends in two weeks eastern time, here the list: ( You can pm me if you want to trade)

Beltran Cr, Jim Cr, Ombre Cr, all 0 xp : Reserve price is 100K

Swidz Cr, Nahi Cr, Seldnor Cr, Page Cr,Miss Twice Cr, Diyo Cr, all 0 xp: Reserve price is 50K

Tessa Cr, Splata Cr,Selsya Cr,Kerozinn Cr, all max level : Reserve price is 80K

Elya Cr, Marlysa Cr, 0 xp and max level : Reserve price is 400K ( I have 2 elya and 2 marlysa )

Goodluck 2 all smiley

offline NewType_0 Imperator  
Monday 11/02/2008, 10:32

15k for miss twice cr

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Monday 11/02/2008, 12:38


vanter already bid 50k for marlysa, so dont bid low

offline Ninja-zero Legend  
Monday 11/02/2008, 19:18

4.1k for Page

offline vahhobbit Titan  
Monday 11/02/2008, 19:42

Nahi Cr 14k
Page Cr 4.5k
Selsya Cr 20k
P.S. Fun auction. Your reserve price is 2 time more than market price so noone has guarantee that buy something from you....

offline Capn Clintz Imperator  
Monday 11/02/2008, 23:01

Vahhobbit you do realize all of the cards have a 10k starting bid

offline Ninja-zero Legend  
Monday 11/02/2008, 23:50

4.6k for Page
3.1k for Cassio

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Tuesday 12/02/2008, 06:54

Moderators please close this, i thinks it's better if i auction one card at a time smileysmileysmileysmiley

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