offline Conn79 Novice  
Sunday 29/10/2006, 01:21

Why the hell do people take like 15 minutes to choose between 4 stinken cards?

offline chrisdab AOD Veteran Army of Darkness
Thursday 09/11/2006, 15:44

Thats 4 minutes per turn smiley

offline GoreHop Senior  
Thursday 09/11/2006, 23:46

Actually the main reason is the lag between the connections...because while you won/lose the round..on your adversary screen the battle is still yes is kinda annoying to wait..

offline ESC-Meloku Titan Os Escolhidos
Friday 10/11/2006, 05:28

Actually, the problems is because this is a browser game, u have to wait the information go to your opponent, then he waste like 40 seconds to think, then the information come back to you. 4 factors involved, your internet speed, your opponent internet speed, the speed of the urban server, and the time the players uses to think.

offline cBp_Fojtik Colossus Czech Beer Power
Friday 10/11/2006, 15:06

I thing, that it is my opponents "thinking" in 95%. May be wrong, If yes correct me.
It would be nice to have possibility to surrend from duel withought penalty, if I wait on my opponent more than 1 minute.

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