offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 13/02/2008, 15:36

- Kate send message after tourney (she has been blacklisted by mistake)
- No more "script too slow" when playing using the Flash game (hopefully, please contact support if you still have the issue, from now on)
- No more intermittents "Error while sending private message"

offline RG LoA Colossus Legends of America
Wednesday 13/02/2008, 16:52

Can there be a setting to turn off tourney messages from Kate? I was actually enjoying not receiving them.

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Wednesday 13/02/2008, 17:03

Good! smiley
I actually worrying about those three..
I always use the PM,
I need to know how well I'm doing in the tournamnet,
and the script is run too slow sometimes really annoying..

Good work UR team! smiley

offline TNT_Shadow Titan TRiNiTY
Wednesday 13/02/2008, 18:09

Yea im with tanto89smiley
good job (glad you guys are good at thissmiley)
and kate got blacklisted by accident lolz


offline Maugrimor_OAC Titan Anarchist
Wednesday 13/02/2008, 20:12

Thanks for fixing it. I appreciate Kate's messages because they tell me that I've received my tournament prizes.

offline FalSeGods Imperator  
Wednesday 13/02/2008, 22:46

Yeah i didnt mind not gettin the messages not hard to tell if u recived your prize or not and bad kate next time be a good kate and u wont get black listedsmiley

offline _rogeryen_ Hero  
Wednesday 13/02/2008, 23:38

Omgsmiley... you accidently blacklisted kate...hehesmiley lolz...

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Thursday 14/02/2008, 06:31

I actually have been experiencing an annoying effect in the My collection Pro...
I don't know if it's a bug, or not...
But even though i have all but 1 of the cards in my collection, with a fully leveled version...
some of the cards i have fully leveled versions of are appearing in my collection Pro as not fully leveled.
this wasn't happening a few weeks ago, so i'm assuming it's a byproduct of a recent change.
it wouldn't bother me, except that when i click on a card to see it's evolutions, it says that i have more images to unlock.(even though i have a fully leveled version of that same card in my collection.)

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 14/02/2008, 16:50

NudeCeleb: it has been fixed. Level up a card or buy/sell something off the market to refresh the collection pro.

offline FAST IS FUN Guru Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 14/02/2008, 17:57

I still get "script too slow" from time to time when flipping between pages of the market. It's a real pain and sometimes causes me to time out of ongoing games. smiley

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