offline excelsiorloy Hero  
Thursday 14/02/2008, 22:51

Im selling whole rescue clan all of the ulu watus execpt rass rass cr warren jao and wee lee and selling these all stars
eryton maxed
mario maxed
lewis maxed
mikki maxed
striker maxed
and terry lvl 1
pm with your offers will accept trades

offline abposse Colossus Masters of Battle
Saturday 16/02/2008, 01:35

Idealy that would be nice but somehow I can since it says "excelsiorloy does not wish to be contacted."smiley

offline FJ Ramone Hero  
Sunday 17/02/2008, 16:59

Kerry 2.1k
Marco 3.2k
Steve 1050


offline FJ Ramone Hero  
Sunday 17/02/2008, 20:23

Kerry 2.2k deal?

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