offline Pantha Master  
Tuesday 19/02/2008, 00:17

I’m planning to run of a few contests where the winner will get a free Commission. That could be for there display pic what ever the winner wants. I'll just charge a small entry fee.
This what the prize will be my contests
First place- Full color picture of what ever the winner wants
Second place- Inked picture of what ever the winner wants
Third place- sketch picture of what ever the winner wants

I haven’t seen a option for sending Clintz so how would I get fee.

1.How dose that sound?
2.Do you think anyone Would anyone enter?
3.Would you enter?
4.What do you all think I should charge as entry fee?

~~~~~~~~Examples of my art.~~~~~~~
Stuff I’m working on for a pet site I’m making-
Tree dragon-
Guard imp-
Dragon horse-

These pictures of characters I RP.
(Elemental Wolves)


(Naruto characters)

Stuff I have made for others. (commissions and art trades)

(Do not steal of use My art!)
Shadow asked so he can use them. If you do not have permission using them is art thief. Art is how I pay the bills.
I do Commissions (Art for money) If you have Pay pal We can work something out. (Message me)
Also I will be running a contest a where the winner will get art Commission. (This means I'll draw anything the winner wants!)
(The pet site art will not be loaned out.)

offline 0UM_Phoenix Guru  
Wednesday 20/02/2008, 18:50

When will these tournaments be held??

offline TNT_Shadow Titan TRiNiTY
Wednesday 20/02/2008, 19:54

Ok well when does it start pantha?
coz i cant wait to enter smiley

offline Pantha Master  
Thursday 21/02/2008, 04:29

Let this drop off the page and I'll start the first contest in a new post.
Anyone that Want to answer the poll and get there two cants in on the fee or whatever. Message me with your answers and whatever other input you want add.
Every bit of information helps. smiley

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