New feature: publish, comment and rate Presets!

Tuesday 26/02/2008, 17:03

Hello everyone,

We just released a new feature (again - and thanks to Memento Mori): Public Presets.
You can now publish, comment, rate, and even copy (if you have the cards) Presets with the other players!

The listing page is there:

To publish, go to your Collection, load the preset you want and use the link "Make my current Deck public" to publish your own presets.


Sunday 02/03/2008, 18:31

Presets are deleted when people vote them down. Fraggle addressed this already..........

Tuesday 04/03/2008, 01:22

Question: Why are my following presets not shown as ELO valid? I can't figure it out, is there a new ELO banned card in it or is this a bug?

Here are the presets: deleted deleted and deleted

Wednesday 05/03/2008, 21:58

That's weird, i thought it might be because of the newest cards for some reason, but high maintenance only has Ella as a newish card

Wednesday 05/03/2008, 22:11

I've figured it out:*::*::*: Uppers were banned this week in ELO and all of those decks were half Uppers:razz: That makes me even more impressed with the preset system:thumbsup:


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