offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 29/02/2008, 16:32

You can now use special code to auto-link to stuff in the various places on the site where you can input text (forums, biographies, comments etc..).

To link to a player, use "playersmileyLAYER_ID", for example here is a link to raven (his player id is: 111882): ravvel

To link to a guild, use "guild:GUILD_ID", for example here is a link to the fairplay guild (guild id is: 1420): Fairplay

Finally, to link to a preset, use "presetsmileyRESET_ID", for example, here is a link to "the way of music" (preset id is: 6): deleted

Characters names and Clans names are still linked automatically as usual.

Enjoy your week end!

offline ReverseRaven Hero  
Sunday 02/03/2008, 03:34


I'm just trying.

offline GhostlyMixture Novice Naruto Rivals
Sunday 02/03/2008, 04:50

So its like this GhostlyMixture

offline 0- invoker Guru  
Sunday 02/03/2008, 09:05



offline ravvel Hero  
Sunday 02/03/2008, 12:27

I believe it's better to test this new feature on your biography until you get it right ...

offline TNT_Shadow Titan TRiNiTY
Sunday 02/03/2008, 12:57

Yeah coz it just wates space
and mods/admins have to varifiy it first


offline FP_Ashigaru1 Veteran  
Sunday 02/03/2008, 22:01

Yes, you do not need paranthesis around it. So it is more like player: Insert the player id number here

FP_Ashigaru1 , This is an awesome feature

offline Fatlax Titan <=Chaos-Knights=>
Sunday 02/03/2008, 23:25

So its like this Fatlax

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Monday 03/03/2008, 18:53

Seems like there isn't a need for external websites with all the enhancements you've made to the site. Kudos!

offline CDX Senior  
Sunday 09/03/2008, 13:08

I test it here.


offline ViolentSkies Titan  
Sunday 09/03/2008, 22:20

Ok Fraggle, since the other subject is closed, i've heard many say the same, whats up with the sms messaging, for the past two months i've been sending "PASS" to allopass, and im not getting any response, it worked before with no problems, everyone on UR and even my friends can't get through, is the system messed up or what, i need some creds, P.M. me if you can help or if you know anything about it. i've contacted allopass and they don't respond, and thats all i hear, "contact allopass" but it does no good if they don't respond, how many is having this problem??????

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