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Cards available for trades

Cards available for trades
Monday 03/03/2008, 22:28
Alkwapone - Titan English

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Cards available for trades
Alkwapone - Titan English - Monday 03/03/2008, 22:28

These are the cards i have in excess and wouldn't mind to trade away (provided it's a good deal):

Alexei, Hammer, Loma Noju, terry, bonepowder, chikko, Graff, tuned, Vermyn N, Kati, kerozinn, lihol chun, Otome, Sai San, Windy Mor, Xia Leming, Eve, Ironfield, Soushee, Acid DC, Allan, Crystal, Kawan, Otakool, Peeler, amiral py, Burger, Dean, Leo, Myke, No Nam, Tank, Winifred, Ashigaru, Hugo, timer, Mona, K Cube, Baby Q, Charlie, Ella, Emma, Feelyn, Gwen, Ninja Nyne, Noon Steevens, sakura, Svelthlana, Wanda, Anita, Elvira, Lea, slyde, Ben, Shakra, Tshern, Yaman, Pulsar, Aurelia, Carlos, Havok, John, Josh, Klaus, Luis, Miranda, Miss Chloe, Rebecca, Robin, skinner, Zdrone, Gaia Noel, Joao, Nympheea, Razor, Sandy, tanaeveva, Lulabee, Zatman, Elly Mae and Don.

big list i know. let me know if you're interested.
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Alkwapone - Titan English
Wednesday 05/03/2008, 10:55

*update* Lulabee, Zatman, kerozinn, Charlie have gone.
flipthecolors - Hero English
Wednesday 05/03/2008, 11:21

How much for Tanaerveva and Gaia Noel?pm me please
NewType_0 - Imperator English
Wednesday 05/03/2008, 11:25

How much for John
chasmflip - Imperator - URBAN MADNESS English
Wednesday 05/03/2008, 11:38

My Maciej for your Baby Q ?
Alkwapone - Titan English
Wednesday 05/03/2008, 15:15

Non Cr cards that i need:

Wee Lee
Na Boh
Purple-Haze - Senior - Hilight Tribe Guild English
Wednesday 05/03/2008, 16:47

Hi, how much for Mona (U) and Don (U) each ?
bloody-dawn - Senior - blood reapers English
Friday 07/03/2008, 02:51

What do u want for alexi,Zdrone,and Zatman
ICE KNIGHT - Novice English
Saturday 08/03/2008, 01:00

Emma Elly Mae for less than 250?
110220 - Novice English
Saturday 08/03/2008, 01:21

How much for Zdrone
Slayernator - Veteran English
Saturday 08/03/2008, 02:56

How about i buy Don off you for 770 clintz ? is that a good deal ?

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