offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Friday 10/11/2006, 12:09

Wouldn't it be cool with a card that had the ability to cancel the opponents pillz? Lsmiley

offline 0RG-Shane Imperator ®Seven-Team®
Friday 10/11/2006, 15:08

Cool smiley

offline Morder4Life Senior  
Friday 10/11/2006, 15:21

Yea like stop 2 pillz

offline Elsman Guru ONE-OFF
Friday 10/11/2006, 19:11

Mhhh... i don't tnik so... it seems a little too powerful...

offline MisterMoo Hero Army of Darkness
Friday 10/11/2006, 21:11

Ya, way to powerfull, it would be in every deck

offline CitizenHK Guru  
Sunday 12/11/2006, 06:01

In that case - attack or power would be useless
stop Pillz for both side would be more reasonable ie that card cannot eat pill too lol

offline Kurland-AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Sunday 12/11/2006, 07:23

Sounds way over powered to me.

offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Monday 13/11/2006, 15:41

Stop pillz for both side sounds cool yeah..or stop fury or something!

offline Sniffa Master  
Tuesday 14/11/2006, 04:20

Stop fury would be just like -opp damage.

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