Sunday 09/03/2008, 20:26

The tourney will be held on March

Saturday 22/03/2008, 18:45

Because know one else has played thier matches the bracket will be

Winners Bracket

1/Van Persie
1/Deadly WMD 3/To be Determined

Dolphinater 3/Dolphinater

Losers Bracket

2/XTeRiTz 4/Bye
2/OAET_kingkvt 4/To Be Determined 6/Winner of 2 7/Winner of 6

True Akira 5/True Akira 6/Winner of 4 7/Loser of 3
Bye 5/Loser of 1

Match 1 Sunday 1:00
Match 2 Sunday 1:00
Matches 3-5 Sunday 3:00
Match 6 Sunday 4:00
Match 7 Sunday 5:00

Sunday 23/03/2008, 16:32

K uh ur thing is very confusing. And the times aren't good for everyone. Can u explain in words wats being going on? lol..cause i haven't met my guy yet.

Sunday 23/03/2008, 20:01

If you havent met him then he blew you off and you win but you have to tell me that he did so you can advance

Sunday 23/03/2008, 20:05

Since no one has emailed me any results or anything about their matches everyone is DQed and im not holding any tourneys sorry but its really hard when no one emails you results or even battles


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