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Wednesday 12/03/2008, 15:22


Gwen: 1*
Charlie: 5* (I could do a 3* or 4* but the deck was working well anyway at 5*)
Yayoi: 3*
Feelyn: 2* (I could not decide between feelyn or ella)


Graff - 2* (I was going to use B Ball but I lack SoA and with pussycats and Vermyn I have a good amount of -dmg)
Bodenpower - 5*
Vermyn N - 3*
Blaaster - 4*

I think this deck will work well because regardless of what I get I will have some sort damage reduction. I have enough power to kill in 2 turns and if I get blaaster, boden, charlie you might as well call it game over and quit.

Obviously this deck will take constant replacements but it is not an issue as I have plenty of Vermyn N at 3* and plenty of 1* Gwen. I only have a few Yayoi at the moment but can quickly remedy that.

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Tuesday 04/09/2012, 16:29

This isn't even a necro. It's a history lesson.

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