offline Alumni Hero  
Saturday 15/03/2008, 16:59

1 hit ko is probably one of the most annoying yet best ability that a card can have. 1 hit ko means that a card can dealt a mixn of 12 damage to the other player in one round which is most likely a ko if theres no extra life or blockers. ive seen alot of players use cards like Kolos (R) to make 1hko but there is ALOT more cards than that can 1hit too with the help from many others. i created this guild to explain and show you all of the 1hko possibility cards hope it helps you in your future gaming.

standard 1hkos:
three most common 1hko cards are Kinjo (U), Lost Hog (C), and Kolos (R). Kinjo (U) and Lost Hog (C) needs clan bonus to make a 1hko while Kolos (R) is the only one who can 1hko along without the clan bonus. Lost Hog (C) is the only one who can 1hko even against soa. most skilled players can avoid 1hko from these cards so theres no need for me to say more.

alternative 1hkos:
alternative 1hkos is based on a more strategic deck building which needs the help from other clans cards. its a very unusual stratege but most players will not be expected it to happen and thats where you will get them.

the first one is No Nam (C). he seems to be a 7/7 even with clan bonus and fury he can still only deal 11 damag. this is where the helpers come in. Timber (R) from the leaders with a ablilty of team damag +1 which makes every card on his team gets one extra damag. and when partnered with No Nam (C) BOO theres another 1hko killer. only a few people will manage to avoid it but most will just be stunned.

offline Kunduz Hero  
Friday 30/05/2008, 04:23

pillz are like vitamins, they're good to be used, but assigning a character too many of those will probably( if not definetely) make you lose the battle. DEpending on opponents cards, I as rule start the game with a high powered card like Erpeto and assign it a min 4pillz (it means I have 8 pillz remaining), so even in the case I lose the first round I'll have enough force to comeback! Actually, the 4pillz per round strategy is pretty much common in here, as far as I had seen, but this doesn't make it less predictable and the game less funny.

offline qazzes Senior  
Saturday 21/06/2008, 16:45

Lennox with tiimber plus fury equels:1HKO

offline osaeres04 Senior the british bulldogs
Tuesday 01/07/2008, 14:14

Lennox is the cheapest One hit KO
(*with timber)

offline Gilgamesh_kh Titan  
Tuesday 01/07/2008, 23:43

Geanrial crsmiley

offline PL_LP Hero Pinoy Locals
Wednesday 02/07/2008, 10:49

Is lennox counted because i did a 1hko 1 time

offline Waffle God Guru  
Thursday 10/07/2008, 21:15

First of thats alot of typing smiley but overall its a pretty good post, im not quite sure if you mentioned lennox from the bangers as a 1hko, with his ability,bonus, furry, and timber he can hit 12 (i know its easily stopped and hard to get but no one...i mean no one will predict it). IMPORTANT! When you are starting the round and you have a 1hko in your hand its always best to use 1 pill(z) on a different mid-high strengthed card (only if your 1hko os pretty obvius, like kolos) becasue your oppenent will believe that your bluffing and will use 1 pill(Z) on one of his cards in order to secure an easy win. The only time you should use your 1hko card in your hand in the first round is if your oppenent goes first and DOESN'T

offline Waffle God Guru  
Friday 11/07/2008, 11:48

Play a damage reducer

offline Beowulf24 Guru  
Friday 11/07/2008, 14:25

Common OHKO
Lost Hog, Kinjo, Kolos

General Cr, Lao Cr, Flavio Cr

Timber Supported OHKO
Lennox, No Nam, Python

offline LoA JuNtA Veteran  
Friday 11/07/2008, 17:38

There is Lennox but he is new so I'll give you that

offline Legacy PH Senior Face Everything And Rejoice
Saturday 12/07/2008, 08:34

Good supporter for common 1 hit kos and CR too...

Ambre :]

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