offline cheese_14 Imperator  
Tuesday 25/03/2008, 08:37

Before i start i would like to state i AM NOT a scammer, i have run 1 tourney and 1 lottery very successfully

the idea
-There are 50 tickets up for sale
-the entry fee is CARDS

the card breakdown
- send me a card worth 1k or less- 1 ticket
-send me a cards worth between 1k and 3k- 3 tickets
-send me a card worth between 3k and 5k- 4 tickets
-send me a card worth between 5.1k and 10k- 5 tickets
-send me a card worth between 10.1k-50k- 10 tickets
-send me a card worth OVER 50k- 20 tickets

The winner will recieve:
-All the cards that have been put into the lottery
-5k from me
-3 cards from my deck that are worth a lot

This competiton is for your gain and your gain only, i am making nothing out of it, have fun entering smiley

the random number generator i wil use to determine the winner is this-

the number that you will recieve will be the one corresponding to to the time you enter e.g. if your the first one to enter and youve sent me a 10k card you'll get the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and so on till the numbers are all done, if there are tickets that go over the number 50 they will still be added

have fun entering smiley - cheese_14

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 27/03/2008, 15:37

Now its more fair.and maybe everyone can enter only one time

offline elfayra Veteran  
Thursday 27/03/2008, 15:47

@Cheese, not really, i can just get 10 friends and get all the cards. I think you should make the max limit higher and lower the price. 3k is pretty high.

offline krazy-rex Master  
Thursday 27/03/2008, 19:27

But, I have sold 3 razors on 1500clintz.

offline teSG-Syuhide Imperator  
Thursday 27/03/2008, 19:46

Can you rewrite a whole new rules and regulations on this lottery again in a post since the original one was change

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