Wednesday 26/03/2008, 21:36

Who do you think the next collecter cards are going to be?
i'm thinking vickie since theres only 1 cr in Montana and she's a very good card. or maybe kenny?
its good investing in cards that are soon to be collecters because after they are you can sell them for thousands of more clintz.

Thursday 27/03/2008, 23:37

Baby Q, Saddy, Perle, Armand and Mojo. I think they heave a good chance in becoming collectors

Friday 28/03/2008, 04:02

I think vickie is much impossible because she is forbiden in elo
i hope its Kinjo or Kolos or lost hog they are 1 hit ko cards so they should be hard to get

Friday 28/03/2008, 04:10

Crassus and Crystal should go Cr, because when I type Cr into the search on my collection these two get in the way smiley


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