Thursday 23/11/2006, 05:59

Lamar, striker, Natrang, Methane, 2x Ambrose, Dwain, Globumm, Dragan, 2x Skullface, 2x Zdrone

buy them while they last!!! clintz or certain cards*
trades will be based off of power/damage rating, not market value, which is crazy
note if u can't sell don't block up the thread with trade attmepts, CHECK IT BEFORE YOU POST

*Dan, Lewis, Alexei, Eyrton, Thaumaturge, Ombre

Monday 11/12/2006, 00:52

This thread has ended, pm me for deals

Monday 11/12/2006, 05:40

Hey guys, do you have a Nanook card i'll pay 650 clintz and exchange with a Powerful Meyen or Samantha card. But I'll buy then ill sell it to you all if you have a weak Nanook card

Monday 11/12/2006, 23:01

Shinn, please learn to read
first: "please no secondary trading" this means don't sell/trade to anyone but me on this thread
second: "This thread has ended" self explanitory
third: "trades will be based off of power/damage rating" Nanook is an extremely rare and expensive card, Meyen and Samantha are good, but extremely common

If you don't understand this, figure out life, because now, you're not doing too well

YES THIS THREAD IS STILL CLOSED, admins do me a favor, and lock it


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