[BUY/TRADE] any Crs

Saturday 29/03/2008, 18:18

As the title says i am buying or trading for any crs
make offers and i will try and buy it if i can afford looking for mainly crs 100k and below can not really afford ones higher maybe even lower then that idk watever just make offers

Thursday 03/04/2008, 01:44

Any other offers scott13375 still waiting for a reply
Oaet elfyra pm me please

Thursday 03/04/2008, 01:54

I have an Eyra Cr

Thursday 03/04/2008, 02:00

Geo, I have a bunch of Crs (mostly 0exp) on market for a bit more than they're worth. You can check my profile and see which ones I've got. If you're interested, go ahead and PM me about them :thumbsup: Thanks and good luck

Sunday 06/04/2008, 15:56

I now have an extra kenny maybe 2 and about 12k

Monday 07/04/2008, 02:39

I have Seldnor Cr and Geuner Cr


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