offline geofree789 Imperator  
Saturday 29/03/2008, 18:18

As the title says i am buying or trading for any crs
make offers and i will try and buy it if i can afford looking for mainly crs 100k and below can not really afford ones higher maybe even lower then that idk watever just make offers

offline geofree789 Imperator  
Thursday 03/04/2008, 01:44

Any other offers scott13375 still waiting for a reply
Oaet elfyra pm me please

offline CRAZY_G_CWG Titan straight beast
Thursday 03/04/2008, 01:54

I have an Eyra Cr

offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Thursday 03/04/2008, 02:00

Geo, I have a bunch of Crs (mostly 0exp) on market for a bit more than they're worth. You can check my profile and see which ones I've got. If you're interested, go ahead and PM me about them smiley Thanks and good luck

offline geofree789 Imperator  
Sunday 06/04/2008, 15:56

I now have an extra kenny maybe 2 and about 12k

offline scott1337l Senior  
Monday 07/04/2008, 02:39

I have seldnor cr and geuner cr

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