Grand free lottery everyone must join !

Sunday 30/03/2008, 04:07

First the reason im doing this is because i might of did something to someones mom and it goes on from there

hers how you join just say ur in and on april 10th u get a random number april 11th ill draw numbers if u dont trust the 76 coolest person in Ur its cool

prizes: Kolos or cassio depends wich one ends up lower
2nd Rolph or a 2.5k card around there hate inflation
3rd. booden the power or a 1.7 k ish card
4th Eve or a 900 clintz card

im hoping for around 30 people to atleast join but nill settle for a minium of 5

and i know a ton of upper class hates me so please save the drama ^.^

any questions u send me ill ignore cuz its all uper there and only people 3 plus may join srry

plus the drawings will be done SA style

Sunday 13/04/2008, 10:27

So close! smiley

Sunday 13/04/2008, 11:27

I m in smiley

Sunday 13/04/2008, 14:02

Hey i never got a number

Sunday 13/04/2008, 14:04

Well.. it's close.. smiley

Sunday 13/04/2008, 14:24

I dont have a number

Sunday 13/04/2008, 14:27

Thanks for the Rolph Soliuz.

Sunday 13/04/2008, 18:42

Blame the person who send me the list not me ^.^

Sunday 13/04/2008, 21:27

Im in

Sunday 13/04/2008, 23:54

I'm in

Monday 14/04/2008, 01:22

Mods, please close this. The prizes have been distributed and the event is oversmiley


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