offline Alxh Master  
Sunday 30/03/2008, 09:23

Does anyone know where to find a list of the prices of cards when sold to Kate? Like on one of the fan sites or something?

offline ab210_LR Master  
Saturday 05/04/2008, 21:31

Trust me, she will never sell you a card for the same price or more than in the market. Just not logical, cus then who would sell it in the market when in an instant can sell it to Kate. So your better off waiting to sell it on the market

offline The_Manly_Man Senior  
Saturday 05/04/2008, 21:45

@Ab210_LR you are wrong. The price of Igniss is between 200 and 240. Kate buys Igniss for 240.

offline torchic Novice  
Saturday 05/04/2008, 23:55

Why does the leader is given profits huh?then explain this why

offline -MiC-MiC- Senior  
Monday 07/04/2008, 14:24

zdrone - 400
vassili - 340
john - 360smiley
razor - 360-400smiley
jeff - 120smiley-200
erpeto - 300-400smiley
amelia - 120
estalt - 500
bhudd - 240
hammer - 600
i have no moresmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

offline wL_StarZ Senior  
Monday 07/04/2008, 14:58

Sakura 240

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