offline Vitae Senior  
Monday 27/11/2006, 16:09

K, I can't find this anywhere in the instructions. What criteria is used to determine how many hits on a player happens after the players character is knocked out? I've pumped all my pills into fury and power on my 8 damage character, killed the other players character in the 2nd hit on the 2nd round and I just hit the other player ONCE. then they turn around, dump 1 pill into a 2 damage character and get 5 hits on ME!??! How does this all work? I've lost matches where 3 of my cards won, but because they had 1 more hit on me, i've lost.

Thanks for the help.

offline SniperZ Senior The Godfather
Tuesday 05/12/2006, 18:46

Here's a funny story to share.

I put 7 Pillz on my 5 star Vladimir and it got pummeled by a 3 star Igniss with only 1 Pillz.

Sometimes, I just wonder if all these randomization of battles can be wrong or biased. What do you think? Do you have a funny story like mine to share?


offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Tuesday 05/12/2006, 20:26

Umm... one time in band camp...

Everyone knows how the random can feel wrong, but thats what random is all about.

Vote for no random in the poll.

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Wednesday 06/12/2006, 01:17

Yup, I had a few encounters with the random factor when my card should have clearly won. Kinda puts the surprise element in the game although it can be a downer at times when winning or losing depends on that one last card. Hmm, where's the poll?

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